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Forum Thread: Greetings Followed by Question

Hello to all fellow steampunks, I'm a long time lover of all things steam and old school mechanical technology related and the golden era of that technology. I intend to be pottering around and picking up a few ideas off posts before I can finally afford to do something (curse the hell known as university student budget), but I do have a question that is pretty important to me. Has anyone ever actually made functional steampunk tech? I have some basic concepts on steampunk tech that includes ...

Forum Thread: Seven Sites That "We Must Share" into the Brass Babel

I am probably one of those who have less time into the Steampunk scene, especially compared to writers of the genre, event promoters, artists, creators, and analysts who write on their blogs. I am part of that big number of persons brought by the emerging wave of the last 6 years; actually I have just about two years and a half reading and learning about Steampunk. But you can’t blame me for “being late”.

Forum Thread: The Birth of a New Steampunk

I recently wrote an article about why Steampunk should be defined, and it engendered much discussion. I'm glad it did, because discussion is often the path to both change and understanding. However, I saw a lot of people talking about things that struck me as, if not outright misunderstandings, then at least as thoughts that were outdated.

Forum Thread: Good Morning, Everyone!

Hey guys! I stumbled across this site about a week ago or so in search of tutorials and inspirational DIY photos, and have found myself browsing through more than what I expected to be looking at. I've been into steampunk for as long as I can remember, but have never delved into it for myself. But now I feel I have the itch and the skill to satisfy that itch. I look forward to talking with many of you in the near future, and even more so about the information I have been gathering to put to u...

Forum Thread: Salutations!

Well . . . yo, I'm Regan! I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago, but have been an avid steampunk enthusiast (?) since I was, like, seven (all of six entire years ago!). I started actually taking part in the world of steampunk and this summer's SweCon, but I had a hard time coming up with my costume, since most tutorials for steampunk costume design are written under the assumption you have the time and money to buy spray paint and Nerf guns and mod these things during the afternoons...

Forum Thread: Goggles and Hats Are Fine, But...

I recently got into physically making steampunk armor. One thing I look at though is my persona is a Mercenary, so I would like to have a hood rather than a hat or mask. One problem though is that in every schematic that I either come up with or that is handed to me, it just looks like a black fabric draped over the head. Is there a way to make it more than just that? Please share your ideas. I don't mind how stupid you think they may be, every suggestion may give me another idea.

Forum Thread: From Mexico to the World

I started in the steampunk about 3 years ago when a friend of mine uploaded a photo to his facebook profile dressed in steampunk attire saying "I am the Brigadier Winterman Bennet." It was then that I had to ask "Hey, what's that?" "Steampunk" he said, and that's how it all started.

Forum Thread: Photography?

Step 1: New Here! Steampunk Photography, Anyone? My Partner and I Do Steampunk Flavored Photography, Using Digital Cameras, but Long Exposures and Hand Held Electric Torches. Anyone Else into Photography? [ ] Thanks Step 2:

Forum Thread: Steampunk Man Crushed to Death by His Own Gears

A young man in the Steampunk scene yesterday was crushed to death by his own gears. His family has requested that his name remain private, but he was known in the Steampunk community as Lord Nigil Cornelius Crankstone IV. According to the police report, no foul play is suspected, as Crankstone was literally crushed beneath the weight of the massive quantity of small gears he was wearing. The majority of them were glued, sewn, or riveted onto his clothing, but some were simply piled on. Cranks...

Forum Thread: Is Steampunk Really Going to Become More Popular, or Has It Already Peaked?

As someone who's been actively involved in the Steampunk scene since 2006, I have a different perspective on it than most. For anyone living under a rock, recently IBM said that Steampunk would be a big retail trend between 2013 and 2015. Then Forbes magazine jumped on board, and Steampunks around the country (if not the world) freaked out while others rolled their eyes disdainfully. I even wrote an article a few weeks ago about how best to capitalize on Steampunk's rising tide.

Forum Thread: I Need a Place to Start

So I have been constantly looking at this world and the more and more I see it the more and more I want to experiment and work with steampunk! I just cant think of anywhere to start. If you guys could help me figure out where to start, that would be much appreciated! I want to be involved but not have it take up all of my time, so that is what I am looking for.

Forum Thread: Hello~!

Hello. New to steampunk (though have liked this stuff all my life- just never knew there was a name for it!). Went to my first SteamCon- had a blast, learned tons, can't wait to do more steampunk stuff. ~Cheers.

Forum Thread: Hi There.

I'm here entirely by accident, but it looks kinda cool. My interest in Steampunk is as a world setting, and a genre ...I don't think I would ever dress up, but the art is awesome, and the possibilities for fiction are stupendous ...

Forum Thread: How Did You Start?

Im looking to start with Steampunk, I've done some very small projects and I couldn't think of something realistic for me, so I wondered what were all of your first real projects? Any suggestions on something simple I could make?

Forum Thread: Hello

I've always been interested in the idea of Steampunk and have liked seeing the creations of other Steampunks but have never really created anything myself. I hope this world will be a place where I can learn to start and if I do feel I get good enough to help others I will start contributing whenever I think of an idea. but until then Ill attempt to post links to things I find interesting. I think one of the things that made me interested in Steampunk was the engineering in my family, which a...

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