Forum Thread: Seven Sites That "We Must Share" into the Brass Babel

I am probably one of those who have less time into the Steampunk scene, especially compared to writers of the genre, event promoters, artists, creators, and analysts who write on their blogs. I am part of that big number of persons brought by the emerging wave of the last 6 years; actually I have just about two years and a half reading and learning about Steampunk. But you can't blame me for "being late".

It's been almost 26 years since K. W. Jeter coined the word Steampunk, and maybe its popularity has increased during the last few years in social networks, but in some places such as Latin-America, the Steampunk boom began only a few years ago.

Even so, Steampunk in Spanish is only about 6 years old, as anyone can corroborate by taking a look to Spain. But Spanish-speakers are not the only ones delayed in the emergence of a Steampunk scene. My research indicates that in some countries, such as Japan, which some could think have a big scene, the Steampunk movement is increasing strongly and constantly but its birth date was only about a year ago.

So the things for those who live outside of the USA, England, or France, makes everything look different and at another rate.

Condottieri by Mr Xpk

But sooner or later the boom reaches every corner of the planet, especially in the Communications Era. Thanks to the internet, we can say that Steampunks from all over the world can communicate with each other, sharing pictures and information. This has increased the popularity of the movement and swelled the ranks of people who embark into the adventure of a time that never was.

Hundreds of groups, photos, blogs, and websites show their perception about the genre, achieving the creation of the Babel of cogs, copper, incredible devices, alternate history and brass, informing and confusing at the same time to all and sundry.

Pinching of the dominant culture with pop singers wearing Steampunk aesthetics, fashion shows of designers and brands flirting with the Steampunk culture, and news from IBM and Forbes predicting future… that and more is flooding the internet every day.

That's why I'd like to share the 7 sites that, I think, are the "must know" for experts and neophytes, and also the "must share" into the brass Babel.


While some people are still debating about if there is or isn't Steampunk music, bands calling themselves as Steampunk keep increasing all over the world and this is a site that anyone interested on the aural part shouldn't miss. Steampunk

This is a site dedicated to Sci-fi and fantasy that has some Steampunk articles. If you're looking for information about books, authors or events, this is your site. Actually, they have the "Steampunk Week", where different personalities of the scene share their opinions trough articles, most of them very informative.

Airship Ambassador

Interviews, articles, news, literature and a surprising amount of resources of the World Wide Steampunk Scene. This project, leaded by Kevin D. Steil (a.k.a. Airship Ambassador) is really a jewel that takes us practically to any place in the world where Steampunk exists, and believe me, I'm not exaggerating.

The Daily Steampunk, Traveler's Blog

Time to go back to Europe. The "Traveler" blog is, without doubts, a trusted source about Steampunk information that notifies from Germany; with interviews, reviews, a non-euclidean podcast and more. All this in English. Also, Marcus Rauchfuss, its administrator, is the coordinator of EuroSteamCon.


From Spain, a couple of jewelry artist bring us their blog "Decimononic" with interesting notes, interviews and, of course, fine Steampunk jewelry. All in English!

The Steampunk Museum

Even when is an ongoing developing site, the information that contents The Steampunk Museum is already valuable itself. Covering from art, design, history to culture, science and technology, also writers, creators, events, books, blogs, magazines and more from the World Steampunk Scene.

Steampunk Research & Development

And last but not least, I couldn't forget to Steampunk Research & Development, administrated by Austin Sirkin and from where I'm writing this. Do I need to say more?

Of course, there are many other sites, but I guess the seven on this list will be helpful to begin.

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Wow, thanks for the inspiring article! I really love hearing from the perspective of someone from outside the US, as all too often we get involved in our own internal politics and dramas. Reading your posts reminds me that there's a bigger world out there, and I can't wait to see how creative all of the Steampunks from other countries are!

Also, I forget exactly where you're from. Do I recall correctly that you're from Mexico?

Yes, I´m from México, and I hope to talk about my own country very soon.

Great article...will learn a lot from this.

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