Forum Thread: Hi There.

I'm here entirely by accident, but it looks kinda cool.

My interest in Steampunk is as a world setting, and a genre ...I don't think I would ever dress up, but the art is awesome, and the possibilities for fiction are stupendous ...

Yes, I'm a wanna-be writter. But I solemnly swear never to mention any profit-chasing products available from Amazon or iTunes.

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Hey there!

Yeah, it's so interesting to me how the setting/genre and the costume/aesthetic are often unconnected. In fact, the vast majority of serious Steampunk costumers or propmakers I know don't actually read Steampunk fiction. Strange, right?

But don't worry! While I have some articles planned that will be very hands-on with Steampunk as art, I'll also be writing about how to write Steampunk fiction, and interviewing some prominent authors in the Steampunk scene. I hope you find helpful things here, and don't hesitate to ask questions. =)

I think steampunk is a genre, a viewpoint, a nostalgia-hit, AND an aesthetic. I am seriously considering writing my dissertation on it ... what ever 'it' is ...

It definitely is a lot of things that all sort of get conflated. I'd be happy to be a source for you, if you do decide to write your dissertation about it!

What's your area of study?

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