Forum Thread: Hello Guys!

21-year old guy here and I've been into steampunk things for now quite some time. I'm going to buy in near future some stuff for myself : ), Have a good day!

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Have you seen any posts that are less than two months old? Is this site dead? I have really enjoyed the posts that I've seen, but if no one is going to read or share any more, then I don't see the purpose.

I believe the admins have been gone for awhile, but every now and then someone comes here to ask a question or show something off.

So what kind of Steampunk stuff are you going to buy?

I'm in the process of building or creating if you will, Steampunk style "weapons". They will not be functional, but will not be the Nerf and Super Soaker types either. Maybe you would be interested when I'm finished?

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