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Forum Thread: What Is Steampunk Kilt?

Steampunk Style Kilt Steampunk Kilt is a style that, over recent years, has gained incredible popularity. It has its roots in Victorian science fiction, and the entire aesthetic of the style of dress is based on this question: how would the world have looked, dressed and functioned had the technical revolution come about a little sooner and revolved around steam power?

Forum Thread: Hello

I'm not new to steampunk, although I haven't made any projects yet I am planning one soon, I have been looking at this site for a while although I just now made an account (my username is my steamsona's name not me)

Forum Thread: Hey Fellow Steampunks. Need Your Feedback!

My name is John, so happy to find that steampunk is alive and kicking on the internet! Recently me and the team I'm consulting for released a mobile game for Android and iOS, it is a steampunk themed, post-apocalyptic, airship battle game. Right now it's on beta and I'd love to get your feedback, and any kind of input for anything you'd like to see added in the game. There is no monetization implemented yet, so everyone can test the game in it's very basic form. More info on our website: Exil...

20 000 Cogs Under the Sea: Beta Testing Started

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! I'm happy to invite you to test my latest steampunk creation: the Underwater world of Steampunk Idle Spinner game. This is the fifth world of the game and it was the most requested addition according to the poll, which was run in the Steampunk Idle Spinner community on facebook.

Forum Thread: New to the World of Steampunk

Hi everyone, my name is James I'm a civil war reenactor (known as DeadEye by my friends so I guess that can be my SteamPunk character as well). However, I went to the ECCC 2018 yesterday and was blown away by the steampunk presence and instantly fell in love, especially since one was chatting with me about history which I'm a huge fan of. I want to know how to start this new adventure/hobby in my life, I have a couple of friends who have been doing Steampunk for years, though I want a second ...

Forum Thread: Greetings from SF Bay Area

I just discovered Steampunk R&D and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a journalist who writes mostly about media, technology and graphic design. I've been a steampunk fan for a long time but recently attended my first steampunk con, Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose. I just posted a slide show on my personal website. The site has a "steampunkish" look, though it's not what I would call "full-frontal steampunk." I'll be interested to see what folks are up to on this website. A Visual Tour of Clockwo...

Forum Thread: So Are We All Gone

So then, I come back to this thread at least once a week, but hardly ever see something new. Are we gone? What has happened to this section of WonderHowTo? I know that we all have lives outside of the internet... well you guys might, but I just want to know: Are we all leaving now? I miss you guys, please come home to us!

Forum Thread: Anyone Can Help Me Out?

i am doing a lot of reading with regards to steampunk. i was in whitby last weekend and saw some steampunk people. and i thought oh my i really like that. so i am a very very new steampunk convert. i was a massive fan of the wild wild west back in the day, and wondered if its possible to be a gunslinger steampunk? any help you guys could give me with regards to costuning ect would be a great help.

Forum Thread: New to Steampunk R&D

Hi guys! I recently joined Steampunk R&D and it seems like the website has many cool pages. It looks like I'll learn quite a bit about steampunk here. I'm a steampunk author who would like to meet other science fiction fans. My book series is called The Post-Apocalyptic Society and the first installment was released this year. I'm going to check out Steampunk R&D some more and I'm sure this will be an interesting experience.

Forum Thread: 15 Types of Annoying Steampunks

There are a lot of different types of Steampunks, and I'm not talking about character archetypes like the mad scientist, air pirate, etc. I mean that within the Steampunk community, you find a variety of different people who all seem to fit into categories that we see all the time. A lot of those categories are annoying, especially when you see them over and over again.

Forum Thread: Greetings!

I've been a fan of Steampunk for awhile now, but I haven't really gotten in to it. That is, before I discovered this page! I've been having an absolute blast browsing the pages here. The things I love most about Steampunk are the Blimps, the Guns, the Technology, and Bioshock Infinite. I sort of like finding cool blueprints on Google Images and hanging the up on a pin-board in my room. I really enjoy making my Nerf Guns Steampunk, and impressing my friends with them. Anyway, I guess that's it...

Forum Thread: Good Day to You All

I'm pretty much brand spanking new to Steampunk, having only started looking into it a few weeks back. One thing I've got to say is that I love the range of skills people have, their creativity, and most of all, Steampunker's willingness to help others with advice or tips on how to develop their skills in all sorts of areas.

Forum Thread: Hello!

My name is Melissa I'm 19, but everyone calls me Ghost,so please call me Ghost,thank you kindly. I collect oddities: wet specimens, old medical devices,old things to do with death like emalbing jars, taxidermy, bones and the list goes on. I fell in love with Steampunk after coming across a photo of a women in the clothes online when I was 7. I always, even as a kind, dressed odd and strange. Today I have more punk/Steampunk style-well more casual steam.I don't want to clog this form up so If ...

Forum Thread: Need Some Advice for My Steampunk Store

Hi friends, I build a steampunk theme online store which sells some DIY materials, such like gears, old watch movement etc, the problem is I didn't find similar online shop so I don't know if my products are too expensive, I want to sell them at a competitive price, so can you have a look at them and tell me do think if they are expensive?(compared with other shop both online/offline), Great thanks to you. link Below Steampunk DIY Materials, gadgets, parts, gears.

Forum Thread: Ehm, Hi or Hoi (In Dutch)

Hi, I'm Daniëlle, working mum of two boys (2 and 5) and Fantasy-reader since I cannot even remember. Love just about everything Pratchetty, which seems to have a lot in common with Steam Punk (especially his later Discworld Novels Raising Steam f.e) which is why I'm drawn to this like a moth, I guess

Forum Thread: Hi from the UK

Just a quick Hi, the wife and I went to comic con the other week and were blown away by the steampunk people there, looks like a great idea so here I am, hoping to get ideas and inspiration and who knows might even make some new friends. I'm working on my hat and have some ideas for a gun, the wife is into anything craft like so hopefully we can make some respectable steampunk stuff, soooo many ideas sooo little time.

Forum Thread: New and Need Help!

Hello! My name is Nadia Wolfbane and I am very new to this style. I've read books and such but can't seem to get my ideas to come to life. Halloween is rapidly approaching and my daughter suggested finally doing a steampunk costume. I do not have one however and need help on how to make these pieces I already have work. I hope y'all can help me! I also hope this link works as this is not letting me add a photo from my phone...?? Flickr - Photo Sharing!.

Forum Thread: Hello Steampunk Community!

My wife and I are just starting down the unique path of steampunk interest and enthusiasm. Two of my friends have also picked up an interest since we've begun; all of us liking the concept, but watching it from a distance since it's beginnings. It changed for us when at a rennaissance faire we discovered how cheaply one can do steampunk by talking with several people that were in such garb. We are from Northwest Ohio. I'm not sure if there are any other steampunkers in our area, but if anyone...

Forum Thread: Hello M'lords and Ladies

I have recently found myself drawn into another world, one where history is different from what I am used to, where gasoline engines never surpassed steam. It is a world I have longed for and scarcely could have imagined its true potential... I hope that I find many new friends among you, and that I am able to offer as much as I absorb...

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