Forum Thread: So What Are You Doing?

What is your current project? What is exciting, inspiring, motivating you?

Art, sculpture, costume, doesn't matter, what is making you tick right now?

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9 Responses

And since I asked, I should probably start. I am working on armor, myself. There are many suits of armor, or just stand alone pieces, from pauldrons to bracers to greaves in the Steampunk world, but this suit is mine. The theme is a knight errant idea, with a heavy dose of wastelander. Pics soon-ish.

I'm currently working on Outer Space Nerfpunk! It's sort of based on 1960's space suits, but Victorianized and then Nerfed. ;)

I'm also working on a Wild West Steampunk outfit that's almost entirely done!

I, too, am working on an Outer Space Nerfpunk piece. Cause you asked, Austin. ;-)

Also, I've had a project on the back burner for aaaaaages, because I just haven't had the right tools at my disposal to make it.

But as soon as I get the tools, I'm going to make an 8-10 foot-long gun. Like, a maaaaaaassive gun that's specifically intended to be fired using two people. It'll have a notch down near the end that someone's shoulder fits into, so you can rest it on them to aim it.

Then I'll make my wife a piece of shoulder armor that would protect her shoulder, head and ears from the blast. So we can be a heavy artillery team. =)

Something similar is my next project, Austin. Inspired by Javert Marchand of Airship Isabella's seven foot sniper rifle, the Kiera, I want to make a six to seven foot long bazooka type recoilless rifle, not a lot different from the Glitterboy gauss rifle of RIFTS fame.

Oh, man, RIFTS. I loved that game so much, but I haven't played in yeeeeeeeears.

Me either. Of course, the execution of the concept will most likely be very different from the Glitterboy rifle, but I want something different from the standard gatling and sniper rifles we see. It was part of my accepting that I will never escape the fact that a six foot tall man with a sword will always be imposing or intimidating. So, since I will always scare little kids, I might as well armor up, get a great big gun to go with my sword, and give them nightmares.

right now i have just made a cup of Tea (see, steampunk behaviour #1) and i have sat down at my computer and am yet thinking 'how do i steampunk that sock monkey i made and her sockmonster pals'

Steampunked sock monkey? Sew little goggles on him? ;)

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