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My name is Cassi. Many people call me Sprite (Like a fairy) because I am smaller than my group of friends. (Ok, I am not THAT short at 5'3" but to the rest of them I am)

I kind of fell into steampunk. If that makes any sense. My clothing style has always been more along the "Hippy" side for the longest time and then it started to merge into more of a industrial look. Not sure really how to explain it.

Well I started to do some research because my husband mentioned that I looked steampunk. After researching it just fit. My husband is more noir and doesn't follow steampunk. Then again if he had the chance she would be dressed as a Storm Trooper/ Clone trooper (I can't remember which) all day.

I also Have a 5 year old son that is taking after his dad in all things geek. He loves Marvel, Batman, Starwars. He also loves to see how things work like computers and circuit boards.

Now me. .. I am a full time student. I am studying to be a Veterinary Technician. Doesn't leave a lot of time to figure out my style and my personality. But I try.


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Hey, Cassi! You know, I actually started out as pre-vet med before I eventually ended up in Creative Writing and Literature. Quite a turn, isn't it? ;)

Meanwhile, welcome aboard. It would be great if you could post some pictures so that we can help guide you in finding the style that works best for you!

Thank you :) Isn't it crazy how the events can turn. I was previously a tech support rep for Sprint and then Comcast. (Hated it wasn't me). Everything happens for a reason

Haha, I spent some time as a tech support guy for hot tub repair! Funny how our lives seem to have happened in reverse! =)

Welcome aboard Cassi!

I'm looking forward to seeing your outfits. Maybe they'll inspire me to actually make a steampunk outfit someday lol

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