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Hi, I'm new here (in steampunk culture too) and I want to ask you some question.
Firstly, are there any users from EU? I read some articles before and it looks like most of the people are from USA.

Secondly, could you give me some advice about hand-crafting steampunk clothes? I've got some ideas but I never did something like this before. For example I don't even know how to start with trousers.

And finally, could you tell me more about SP's convents? How it look, what I should expect? I will visit my first gig in march and I'm pretty curious what it will be.

P.S. Sorry for my poor grammar, but english isn't my native language.

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Hello to you too Adam! Steampunk is different things to different people. Common traits are a hands on 'maker' culture. Most like to make or modify their own clothing and accessories. Some even attach a political agenda to their activities but I do not follow that path.

Generically Steampunk has a lot of Victorian English themes to it. Lots of brass, gears, timepieces, and steam power themes. Even if you don't actually use or make steam with your projects the looks of it can invoke a steam powered era or device. It is a huge genre and hard to nail down. Me, I have always been a Neo-Victorian and the steam aesthetic is a nice compliment to it. Best of luck. Lets get some discussion and making going on here!

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