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I've always been interested in the idea of Steampunk and have liked seeing the creations of other Steampunks but have never really created anything myself. I hope this world will be a place where I can learn to start and if I do feel I get good enough to help others I will start contributing whenever I think of an idea. but until then Ill attempt to post links to things I find interesting. I think one of the things that made me interested in Steampunk was the engineering in my family, which also interested me in horology which can be related to Steampunk in some ways. I'm also interesting in computers and post how-to guides on null byte occasionally, and I would eventually like to reach a point where I can combine these interests to create things like this hard drive case and this monitor or keyboard. I also liked this machine.

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Hey, Joe!

There's actually more crossover between Steampunk and computers than most think, because almost all of the "working" props use electronics of some variety to simulate steam power, since using actual steam power is both expensive and dangerous. =)

I have friends with very elaborate steampunk gear for their cell phones. Yep, cell phones. Everything from cases and cuffs to bluetooth equipped speakers, headsets, and keyboards.

There is freedom here to do anything, be anything, see anything. Welcome to the neighborhood.

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