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Hello to all fellow steampunks, I'm a long time lover of all things steam and old school mechanical technology related and the golden era of that technology. I intend to be pottering around and picking up a few ideas off posts before I can finally afford to do something (curse the hell known as university student budget), but I do have a question that is pretty important to me. Has anyone ever actually made functional steampunk tech? I have some basic concepts on steampunk tech that includes taser guns, rifles and switchblade style extendable swords equipped with the rifle, HUD goggles or goggles that serve a purpose other than as a cliched accessory, mini-tablet integrated arm accessories, etc. I have seen props of these sorts of things, yet I have not seen someone make/display working models.

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Steampunk is pretty comprehensive and worldwide. It's likely that someone has made functional tech items you describe, but everyone has a twist or their own take on things.

Did not made this myself (yet), but are playing with the thought... And it seems that some people have played with this before... I mean goggles with infrared filters. There seems to be a whole world just out of our own visual spectrum to explore. Some of us do this already, and with extraordinary results... Just to get an idea: and

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