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Well . . . yo, I'm Regan! I stumbled upon this site a couple of weeks ago, but have been an avid steampunk enthusiast (?) since I was, like, seven (all of six entire years ago!). I started actually taking part in the world of steampunk and this summer's SweCon, but I had a hard time coming up with my costume, since most tutorials for steampunk costume design are written under the assumption you have the time and money to buy spray paint and Nerf guns and mod these things during the afternoons. I decided to join the site in hope I could help teenagers like myself slap together some outifits for cons and such on the resources we have. And also I wanted to network with fellow steampunk authors. Um, yeah, that's me!

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Nice to see you here, Regan! Will be looking forward to any tutorials you might provide.

I agree: never assume anyone making steampunk costumes and props has their own woodworking studio, iron forge, unlimited funds, etc. I love finding odd things at thrift shops and wondering; What could I make out of this?

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