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I started in the steampunk about 3 years ago when a friend of mine uploaded a photo to his facebook profile dressed in steampunk attire saying "I am the Brigadier Winterman Bennet." It was then that I had to ask "Hey, what's that?" "Steampunk" he said, and that's how it all started.

After due inquiry, I started writing a story centered in the Old West, not only because my attraction to this particualr scenario, but because I felt that was what came closest to putting the steampunk in my country. When I showed the draft, who is now my wife, along with a drawing scrawled simulating a newspaper of that time, she said,

"you should do a magazine." Then I spoke with some people who were interested in the project and gradually became involved.

Thus was born "El Investigador" publication that I run and it is the first magazine steampunk theme, not only in Mexico but throughout Spanish and that for almost two years is giving monthly inspirational information, as steampunk world scene.

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I choose my Steamsona from a Lakota background. Where Inmunsapa means "Black Cat". Simply I can´t forget many native american tribes where part from México too.

Within an artistic collective call it "Mercenarios de DIOS" (Mercenary of GOD) I´ve been part of the steampunk movement in Mexico, like the flag which represent SP México, the first national steampunk meeting in the Third Festival of Literature and Comic and in the anthologies Acronos and Planes B, from Spain

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Wow, what a fascinating account of Mexican Steampunk! Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you'll talk more about what the Steampunk scene is like there!

Thank you Sir!.

I do promise to talk a bit more about Mexican Steampunk in the future and even maybe about Latin Steampunk, cause I have a lot of friends from across Latin America and Spain.

Good, because international Steampunk is totally fascinating to me, and we don't hear nearly enough about it here in the States. =)

Estimado Señor:

Me llena de alegría el que exista más personas las cuales compartamos las mismas aficiones. Desgraciadamente no había escuchado de su publicación llamada "El investigador"

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