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I recently got into physically making steampunk armor. One thing I look at though is my persona is a Mercenary, so I would like to have a hood rather than a hat or mask. One problem though is that in every schematic that I either come up with or that is handed to me, it just looks like a black fabric draped over the head. Is there a way to make it more than just that? Please share your ideas. I don't mind how stupid you think they may be, every suggestion may give me another idea.

Please help and thank you.

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yes, but i guess that depends on what material you want to work with. Something stiff like leather or just reinforced cloth you could make something of an armadillo like effect of overlapping layers.

Another idea would be taking a page from Assassin's Creed and have a reinforced peak, maybe simulating a shape, AC resembled a bird of prey a bit, but dragons? Lions? give it "eyes" with torn holes there or studs or gears.

Last idea, way out there, think of how convertable tops unfold and have a simple wire frame that hold the fabric up but can be "folded back" . You can tie in the shape idea from the AC one with that too.

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