Forum Thread: Need Some Advice for My Steampunk Store

Hi friends, I build a steampunk theme online store which sells some DIY materials, such like gears, old watch movement etc, the problem is I didn't find similar online shop so I don't know if my products are too expensive, I want to sell them at a competitive price, so can you have a look at them and tell me do think if they are expensive?(compared with other shop both online/offline), Great thanks to you. link Below

Steampunk DIY Materials, gadgets, parts, gears

Steampunk DIY Materials, gadgets, parts, gears Great selection of DIY at affordable prices! Free shipping to 185 countries.
45 days money back guarantee. Friendly customer service.

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In the U.S. there are similar supply stores on Etsy, if you'd like to compare prices and items with other shops.

Good luck!

Looks good to me! ill properly be buying some stuff on my next shopping spree.

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