How To: Not Be Steampunk

Not Be Steampunk

Many people have spent many hours discussing how to "properly" be Steampunk. Well, I turned it around and asked myself, "How can you not be Steampunk?"

The result is this short guide that will teach you how to not be Steampunk.

Easy, isn't it?

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Where's "Don't read Steampunk stories" on this list. As far as I'm concerned, if you do that one thing, you're a Steampunk.


Depends on your perspective! Is Steampunk a thing that you show on your outside, or something you carry with you on the inside?

What do you think?

I hate Pajamas outside, or inside. make all my own clothing except jeans and kicks, enjoy history, make everything I can and enjoy fun, but i also don't like steam punk and think that people take it way to far in the mental sense., If you enjoy it that's cool but why don't people just enjoy it and not contently post about what it is and isn't.

ps i do think this post is funny im just stating my thoughts on the steam punk genre as a whole

Agreed. It's copper spray painted goth.

I find the line between "don't throw away outdated things" and starring on an episode of "Hoarders" is increasingly blurred.

What IS an outdated thing, if I can use it sometime, anyway?

i like wearing pyjamas out doors, i believe i now have a new project, i gotta steampunk up my nightwear.

Now THAT sounds like a fun project!

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