Steampunk R&D Podcast 06: Thomas Willeford Behind the Scenes of Steampunk Reality Television

Thomas Willeford Behind the Scenes of Steampunk Reality Television

This week, another guest returns to our Steampunk R&D show for the second time, Thomas Willeford. In our very first podcast, Thomas talked to us about creating his empire; this time we most notably talk about his recent appearance on the Science Channel's program Odd Folks Home, in an episode entitled "Blow Off Some Steampunk".

Thomas Willeford is the owner and operator of Brute Force Studios, and has been responsible for some of Steampunk's most recognizable props and accessories, such as the Steampunk arm worn by Nathan Fillion on the television show Castle, among others.

Odd Folks Home took a look into Thomas's life, and he shares some stories from behind the scenes, and talks about some of his other upcoming projects, like Lantern City and his new book.

As always, this podcast is also available as a downloadable mp3 or found directly on iTunes, as well as from our podcast RSS feed.

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