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I'm pretty much brand spanking new to Steampunk, having only started looking into it a few weeks back. One thing I've got to say is that I love the range of skills people have, their creativity, and most of all, Steampunker's willingness to help others with advice or tips on how to develop their skills in all sorts of areas.

The biggest thing I like about Steampunk is that it has a kind-of "basic" guideline (i.e. Victorian era styling ... Steam / spring powered ... very basic electrical stuff ... etc.) - and then, because it's fantasy, you can go a little crazy with it too :D ... which suits me down to the ground, as I'm good with mechanical things, but can only just get by with electrical stuff :)

I currently work in aircraft engineering, and have previously been involved with automotive modifying and model figure painting as hobbies. On the automotive side of things, I created most of my "mods" from scratch, or altered existing items to suit my needs - nothing was ever a "buy and bolt-on" mod. Put simply, I like making / tweaking things to suit a certain purpose, and I have plenty of hand-skills to help me along the way (but, there are always more to learn, and I like to learn new skills!).

As for the model painting, it has taught me a lot of tricks on how to achieve certain effects - either via "quick" techniques, or by painstaking patience. The automotive scene has also taught me some other paint effects that could prove useful to some people on here.

I do also do some amateur photography and digital image editing. I'm probably not that good at either, compared to most people these days, but I would classify myself as "adequate" at achieving desired results :P

I hope I can offer my experience and knowledge on here as I get stuck into creating my own Steampunk persona and items. I'll do my best to produce guides for the many items that I will be creating (as I've already got quite a few ideas, thanks to the forum at - cheers guys n girls!).

See you all soon :)

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