News: Steampunk Fashion - Handcrafted Costumes

Steampunk Fashion - Handcrafted Costumes

For creating my costumes I try to use only authentic materials, such as old leather, steel, brass, copper, wood and glass. Nearly nothing is glued, most parts are reversible connected with screws.

I take my parts from flea markets. I like the smell of old leather and wood and the patina, old things wear. Every part I use for my works has its own history to tell.

The costumes are made of metal, brass, copper and leather. There are no plastic parts or glued gears. Weight of such a costume is about 30- 90lbs!

Find more of this costumes and other handcrafted Steampunk artwork at:

Steampunk Fashion

Steampunk Iron Man

Steampunk Leather Costume

Steampunk Golden Warrior - Brass Man

Steampunk Transformer

Steampunk Mad Max - Leather Man

Steampunk Plague Doctors

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