Forum Thread: Take a Look and Tell Me... Is This Steampunk or Gaslight Fantasy?

I was searching for a project that my friend Pat (an expert woodworker) could do while the surgery on his right elbow heals.

We are both in our late 50s, early 60s and play a weekly game of EDH down at the local. I'm into hobby electronics and am basically a toymaker.

I decided to start a little project, something that would let me work in Pat's wood shop, doing the stuff he can't right now (due to the surgery), and help keep him from going crazy with enforced idleness.

I came up with a life counter for Magic: the Gathering Commander games that uses IN-12 nixie tubes for the display, and rotary switches to adjust them. We wanted to use as many off-the-shelf components as we could, to minimize the amount of work we would have to do in the workshop.

So they're done and I was wondering if anyone was interested in making their own versions, and what they thought of these. I can provide images that document the building process, if anyone is interested.


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