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I just discovered Steampunk R&D and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a journalist who writes mostly about media, technology and graphic design. I've been a steampunk fan for a long time but recently attended my first steampunk con, Clockwork Alchemy in San Jose. I just posted a slide show on my personal website. The site has a "steampunkish" look, though it's not what I would call "full-frontal steampunk." I'll be interested to see what folks are up to on this website.

A Visual Tour of Clockwork Alchemy | Stephen Beale

A Visual Tour of Clockwork Alchemy | Stephen Beale I've long been a fan of steampunk, but

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I'll have to check it out. Clockwork Alchemy was one of the first steampunk events I attended, but it's been a couple of years.

Thanks, Camryn. The Sacramento steampunks are prominently featured in the slide show (they made the Victorian parlor in this photo). That's a great idea about going to their FB page. I did reach out to one of the members who was helpful in providing information for some of the captions.

Prior to attending Clockwork Alchemy, I wasn't aware that Sactown had such a thriving steampunk scene.

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