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My wife and I are just starting down the unique path of steampunk interest and enthusiasm. Two of my friends have also picked up an interest since we've begun; all of us liking the concept, but watching it from a distance since it's beginnings. It changed for us when at a rennaissance faire we discovered how cheaply one can do steampunk by talking with several people that were in such garb. We are from Northwest Ohio. I'm not sure if there are any other steampunkers in our area, but if anyone reads this and has some suggestions or friendly newbie tops, we'd be happy to hear from you!

So far, we've be grateful for all the how to articles, and have built a steamsona via thrift store basic purchases. We will post pics soon, if that's ok?

Great to be here!

Michael Gruen ("Groovy" to those that like nicknames)

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Hi there, and welcome.
Yes, photos are wonderful.
I know of at least several Ohio Groups, and I bet there are more.
Check here:
The Airship Archon (Columbus)
The Cleveland Zeppelin Union (Greater Cleveland)
Dayton Steampunk Consortium (Dayton)
The Great Black Swamp Society of Steam & Lace (Bowling Green)
The League of Cincinnati Steampunks (Cincinnati)

I'm in Colorado, but that should get you started locally.

Hey thanks! We're a half hour away from Bowling Green, so might be something to look into :)

I would imagine many of those groups have members from across Ohio, and if you contact them, they may know of events in your area.

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