News: The 26 Best Online Stores for Steampunk Christmas Shopping

The 26 Best Online Stores for Steampunk Christmas Shopping

The holiday season is creeping up fast, and if you're shopping for a Steampunk, it could be almost impossible to find anything for them unless you know exactly where to look. Luckily for you, some of us have done all of the work you'll need.

Whether you're Steampunk shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah (yes, that's real), Kwanzaa, or Festivus, you're sure to find something for that special lady or gentleman in your life by taking a stroll down this list!

In no particular order, let's begin.


Recollections specializes in historical clothing for men, women, and children. They do focus more on women, though, and have a section for some Christmas ideas for ladies, as well as a Steampunk section.

Brute Force Studios

Brute Force, run by Thomas Willeford, features custom corsets and leather accessories, as well as several books.

Pendragon Costumes

Pendragon has a variety of Steampunk and Victorian-inspired clothing for men and women, along with some bags and purses.

Clockwork Couture

Clockwork Couture is well known for providing interesting Steampunk clothing, including shoes, accessories, and even art. They have a holiday gift guide, too.

Retroscope Fashions

Retroscope has a wide array of Steampunk clothing, including hats and parasols!

Scoundrelle's Keep

Scoundrelle's Keep specializes in high-quality custom corsets for both men and women.

Blasphemina's Closet

Blasphemina's Closet creates unique, fancy clothing for both men and women.

The Venusian Airship Pirate Trading Company

The VAPTC makes super-affordable Steampunk guns for the masses!

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Fan Plus Friend

Fan Plus Friend has been around for years, making custom clothing replicas and original designs for anime cosplay, gothic lolita, and Steampunk!

Corset Story

Corset Story provides inexpensive corsets for women.

Timeless Trends

Timeless Trends also offers inexpensive corsets in a variety of styles for both men and women.

Shrine of Hollywood

Shrine features a stunning, elegant array of clothing for both men and women with a gothy/steampunky slant.

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The Vintage Angel

The Vintage Angel has various accessories that are primarily for women, but some for men as well.

Bionic Unicorn

Bionic Unicorn handmakes jewelry from found objects to create some stunning Steampunk pieces.

Damsel in This Dress

Damsel in This Dress offers clothing for, as the name implies, women. They have blouses, skirts, dresses, etc.

Steampunk Threads

Steampunk Threads has Steampunk clothing and accessories for both men and women.

The Pyramid Collection

Pyramid Collection has a bunch of weird, new-age-y stuff, but they also carry a fair share of gothic and steampunk clothing and accessories.

Museum Replicas

Museum Replicas is a respectable name in fantasy clothing, weapons, and accessories. Their Steampunk items are both impressive and expensive.

KMK Designs

KMK Designs features Steampunk-friendly clothing for women.

R.H. Mardigan

R.H. Mardigan offers custom-made Steampunk props and accessories.

Gentleman's Emporium

The Gentleman's Emporium, despite the name, offers clothing and accessories for both men and women. They have strict historical clothing as well as steampunk-specific clothes.

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Dracula Clothing

Dracula Clothing has inexpensive clothing and accessories for both men and women that tend to be on the gothic side of Steampunk.

Lip Service

Lip Service, who has clothing in Hot Topic stores, offers clothing and accessories for men and women.

Hades Footwear

Hades specializes in unique footwear for men and women that really shine in Steampunk!

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Dress Like a Pirate

Dress Like a Pirate sounds a little silly, but they have a section on Airship Pirates, and Steampunk in general.

Dark Knight Armoury

Dark Knight carries a ton of fantasy-themed items, from clothing to weapons. Some of which would be a great addition to a Steampunk outfit or home!

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That's It!

That's all I know about, but it should definitely get you started.

If you know of any shops that weren't included, please share them with us in the comments!

Steampunk Santa image by Steampunk Scholar

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Other worthwhile deals to check out:


If you don't want to get clothing (which is hard to buy for anyone really, not just steampunks), I'd suggest Etsy. They've got tons of little steampunk thingamjigs.

Etsy is great, but it's always a crap shoot as to the quality of what you'll end up with. That's why I assembled this list! I tried to cull the most reputable places from around the internet, including some Etsy stores.

After all, you don't want your items to end up on Regretsy!

You're right. It is pretty painful to sort through Etsy's main search tool. Better to have this list.

All Geared Up!, The steampunk subline from Threads Of Time also has some great stuff for boys and girls, and other folks as well.

All Geared up!

Good inclusion, Mikeal! Thank you!

Oh, you're right! I meant to include her, but I accidentally confused her store with Clockwork Couture, for obvious reasons.

Thank you so much for the mention!

Live Steamy is a new Steampunk company that does ALL hand made work! Casual Steampunk for men and women and children! As well accessories, art, jewelry, wedding, home decor and more!

You may want to share a link, too, so that people don't have to Google the store.

Looks like a great contribution!

I'd like to throw my own hat in the ring, so to speak: Highwind Steamworks, seen at Teslacon all three years, Steampunk Empire Symposium and WSE, we pride ourselves on high-quality handmade products.

I hadn't heard of your store, but I love some of the things you have!

Thanks for sharing! =D

if you are looking for household decor and the means to easily build your own steampunk, check out cogbots our Gearologists store makes functional wooden gears and accessories easy. The gear awed holiday ornaments sold out at Teslacon and started a design contest.m

Oh, man. I didn't even know that site existed! I see some functional gears in my future!

A little shameless plug here: Please take a look at Altered History Designs at I design vintage-style wool felt patchs, pins, luggage stickers, postcards, and other things. All my designs are American Made. My design line was a hit this year at Steampunk Symposium, WSX, and TeslaCon3.

Oh, I love your things! Especially the patches!

I may treat myself to one this Christmas!

I've heard from a few sources now that Lip Service's clothing quality has deteriorated a bit in the last year or two, so you may want to take that into account if you're considering ordered from them.

Just thought I'd offer an update. =)

Holy carp, those are amazing! My mind boggles at having to make snowglobes. You've done a wonderful job!

Thanks! I have so much fun putting them together, it's great when I hear that someone enjoys looking at them. I'm the one artist at every show saying "PLEASE touch my artwork and shake it!" It's more fun that way.

+1 for Recollections, especially for plus-sized women like me. Recollections' sizes go from XS all the way up to 4X (XXXXL), which the other clothiers do not. And CAREFULLY READ THE SIZING CHARTS because there is great variation between different merchants. For example, Gentleman's Emporium's largest women's size of 2X is slightly larger in the waist and slightly smaller in the bosom than Recollections' women's size XL.

Ahhhhhh but you forgot a wondrous site for steampunk stocking stuffers!!! this site is simple perfect!

enjoy mates!

As quite the baby steamer I see lot of places to extend my collection.

I have a word of caution though, for Timeless Trends. I bought a under-bust from them at this past Gen-Con, and I've noticed two problems. The boning does not go all the way down which causes the bottom, especially near the lacing to fold up, and this could be the fault of the wearer, but two seams have busted already. It seems to be holding up fairly well otherwise though, and with the price, it's a viable option for baby steamers, or those needing to pinch pennies.

My highly detailed Steampunk inspired photographic artwork is now available for purchase in Europe, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

After many requests from these areas, you can now own my unique artwork. My award winning photos have been called "Stunning", "Brilliant", "Never before seen" and much more.

Working with art printers around the world now allows me to sell around the world. Please take a look at my Steampunk I, II, and III series here:

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo:

Ooooo, awesome!

Thanks for sharing that, Phil!

I cant believe that Gallery Serpentine in Sydney, Australia is not on your list, they have customers queing up form round the world for their quality and prices. While everything they make is handmade, custom and expensive they have been around for over 15 years making some of the most beautiful examples of corsetry, edwardian clothing, victoriana, gothwear, cybergoth and steampunk inspired clothing and footwear in the world and the quality is truly for life. Every piece is a hand made original and to die for. And they are economical even for north americans to buy from, despite Sydney being one of the most expensive cities in the world to live their prices wont gouge you.

And no, i have nothing to do with their store other than having been a fan since 1998, the first time i stumbled across them online and fell in love, and have visited their store many times despite living 100 miles away...

If anybody looking for steampunk or renaissance kind of gifts in this Christmas then straight go to Museum Replicas below links to collect your. Such a wonderful gifts I came across.

Steampunk Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

We have just launched a new store for Aviation Leather - all products are selected with the steampunk outfitter in mind!

Our military aviation jackets are WWII bomber design, and our selection of headgear includes leather WWI flyer caps and replica goggles. Nothing is augmented for steampunk - just accurate.

Very informative post and comments. Are there sites that are conducive to selling our individually made Steampunk items (besides Etsy)?

Russell, in addition to Etsy and places like Ebay, many steampunk artists have a presence at local steampunk gatherings or conventions..

I don't know if there is an online place that caters to steampunk only, but if anyone knows of one, post it.

All the steampunk costumes and there pictures are just fantastic surely will buy any of them for upcoming steampunk event.

Now finally ordered apocalypse copper goggles...Still wating for the delievery.They are also having very beautiful steampunk costumes for women

I want to see your copper goggles!

While I love sexy steampunk the best, there is something to be said for a goggle eyed jolly old Saint Knick

What wonderfully creative products depicted in beautiful photographs. It would be nice to know who the photographer (artist) was who took them.

Another place you can check out which is a steampunk subscription box, they are planning Halloween and Christmas editions, as well. They send out some fun stuff, pocket watches, craftables, hand crafted items, music from steampunk musicians, costume pieces, steampunk literature, steampunk card games and comic books, and merchandise from steampunk movies.

sure, your store is added when you comment on this post. Good luck with your sales!

For handmade Steampunk jewelry and accessories check out Harlan's Emporium of the Curious and the Bizarre. It's a two-woman business, selling online and in person, driven by our love of Steampunk and fantasy. We have goggles, mechanical pocket watches, statement necklaces, lapel pins, and much more available in our shop! We also share pictures of all of our creations and the venues we'll be selling at on our business Facebook page.

Aladean offers some beautiful Steampunk shoes & medieval boots for men & women. Apart from leather riding boots, steampunk goggles , wrist bands and a lot of Gothic accessories are available. A group of metal smiths who love to work in metal, leather and wood brings to the world some of the finest piece of craft. But there is a problem with them, products are offered only in wholesale quantity but there is no MOQ , but every piece is magnificent,

Thanks for share valuable also can this page steampunk clothingthey have amazing and great stuff.

Thanks for share valuable also can this page Black Leather Jacket they have amazing and great stuff.

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