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Hello! My name is Nadia Wolfbane and I am very new to this style. I've read books and such but can't seem to get my ideas to come to life. Halloween is rapidly approaching and my daughter suggested finally doing a steampunk costume. I do not have one however and need help on how to make these pieces I already have work. I hope y'all can help me! I also hope this link works as this is not letting me add a photo from my phone...??

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Hi, Nadia. So the photo is showing pieces you have already?
It looks great. Pretty corset!

You can add some details to make it more so, such as boots. Either Victorian style women's boots, or (my preference) sturdy boots with a small heel with additional belts and straps around the ankles. I fed some gears through the thin belts before adding to my boots. To look more adventurous, you can also wear a leather belt OVER the corset. Look for a wide belt with rivets and detail.

The white is not a common color - but it looks cool. Not saying you should change it, but a darker skirt (to me) looks more like a woman who takes action and isn't worried about her clothes. Overall, the outfit is very nice. The loose sleeves are also more "pirate wench" ... if you tighten them with leather bracelets or wristlets, it will look stronger and less sweet.

The hat is hard to see, but just a tip: it's a great place to add detail that makes it your own. Looking forward to the progress images.

Thanks! Yes these are the pieces that I have already. I have actually thought about dying the skirt to make it a bit darker. Maybe a cream or black (if I am brave enough lol) I was worried about the sleeves on the shirt also once o saw it in person (Amazon find) thanks for all the tips! Guess it's time to hit the thrift shops! Here is a better shot of the hat also

You might find a thrift shop skirt in a darker color ... remember to look at the evening and bridesmaid gowns, and consider you can turn it into a skirt or perhaps wear with the corset.

If you'd like to post your question and photos at Steampunk Revolution on facebook, you'll get more replies:

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