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My name is Melissa I'm 19, but everyone calls me Ghost,so please call me Ghost,thank you kindly. I collect oddities: wet specimens, old medical devices,old things to do with death like emalbing jars, taxidermy, bones and the list goes on. I fell in love with Steampunk after coming across a photo of a women in the clothes online when I was 7. I always, even as a kind, dressed odd and strange. Today I have more punk/Steampunk style-well more casual steam.I don't want to clog this form up so If you wold like to know about my Steampunk persona, feel free to message me! I want to get more into Steam communities and learn more! Feel free I am very friendly :D

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Welcome. Feel free to share your ideas and costumes (including photos) here --- no worries about clogging up, inspiration is always encouraged.

Welcome Ghost! :D

I'd be interested in seeing any of your creations, as I'm new to Steampunk, and I just love seeing what people have made (and how creative everyone is!)

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