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Im designing my own steampunk costume and I'm not sure if I can use suede that I bought on sale from an upholstery warehouse. I also have suede leather which is definitely different. Im just not sure what fabrics are most authentic to use for this.

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Hi, Lindsey. Steampunk is an imagined alternative universe. You can use pretty any much fabric that appeals to you. I've seen leather and suede before and it can work great.

typically, the only fabrics that give me pause are synthetic disco bright colors, but even then, if someone puts love and care into the outfit, I'd probably applaud.

If you type "steampunk suede" into google images, you'll get some great (and rather odd) results that might inspire you.

Awesome!!! Thank you so much!! I want to try to keep things somewhat period correct-hence the question on suede. Thanks so much for your help!

Technically, Steampunk is invented so you can't be period INCorrect ... the starting off point for some folks is Victorian England, but I've seen Wild, Wild West steampunk attire, and from many other countries and cultures around the world.

Good luck!

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