Forum Thread: Ehm, Hi or Hoi (In Dutch)

Hi, I'm Daniëlle, working mum of two boys (2 and 5) and Fantasy-reader since I cannot even remember. Love just about everything Pratchetty, which seems to have a lot in common with Steam Punk (especially his later Discworld Novels Raising Steam f.e) which is why I'm drawn to this like a moth, I guess

I would love to put two and two together and create a bit of Disc Punk, if not yet present. I'd love to see a Steam Punk Susan Sto Helit or Magrat Garlick in my future!

I am already trying to get my boys excited to have someone to share this with (unfortunately this will not ever be my hubbies 'cup of brew') but it's been a lonely hobby for me, since I cannot seem to find a likeminded community nearby (The Hague)

So, I guess I'm looking for some new friends to share with

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Creating is fun; hope you'll share your progress here so we can see what you are making.

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