News: What Adventure Time Would Look Like if It Was Steampunk

What Adventure Time Would Look Like if It Was Steampunk

Adventure Time is one of the best TV shows for kids that's currently on the air. It's so good that it has real appeal for adults, too. Just do a Google image search for "Adventure Time costume" and you'll see what I mean.

But what if Adventure Time was a steampunk show? Well, artist Micaella Anunciacion can show us! Look at these amazing pictures:

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The drawings are nice. In my imagining of a steampunk Adventure Time (yes, I've thought about it!) Bubblegum, Marceline, and Fire Princess wouldn't follow the 'show more skin' trend, though. They are ladies. I can see bustles, corsets, full length skirts. Actually, Marceline would probably do menswear. She's pretty butch.

I completely agree! The designs look great, but they don't fit the characters' personalities as well as they could.

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