News: What Is Steampunk?

What Is Steampunk?

So I have been wondering this for a while now. What exactly is steampunk? I know a little bit about it but I feel as thought the internet definitions can only give so much information. What do you guys think? Is steampunk a lifestyle? A fiction base? A for of a art? I think that steampunk has way more potential than people think. Share your ideas on what you think steampunk is and what you would like to see be done with it!

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i think it's kind of a form of art, kind of what people in 1800's would think of the future.

Whimsy and wonderment of the adventurous nature of man from the rise of the industrial age to the point of monotony of the modern era.

Where science became the center of a new renaissance and where an interest in understanding how the world and the universe worked restarted.

It could be Historical, an Alternate Timeline, or in a New World of its own, but it holds that essence.

Steampunk keeps evolving, so it's hard to pin down a great description. But I like knowing it's an alternative future, a romantic/historical/science fiction reality, it's Judy Jetson having tea with Queen Victoria on an airship.

The beauty and craftsmanship of the Victorian age, and the age of steam, combined with an imagined, technical future.

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The coolest part of this "history" is we get to write and imagine our own.

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