News: Majestic Airship Needs Votes to Get Produced by LEGO

Majestic Airship Needs Votes to Get Produced by LEGO

LEGO has not attempted a blimp, zeppelin, or similar airship since 1999, the 5956 Expedition Balloon which used highly specialized parts. This is unfortunate as these vessels are well and truly part of the pulpy adventure and steampunk scene.

I think Ssorg's Majestic Airship is just the thing to remedy this long overlooked mode of transportation.

Note: This airship is on a website called LEGO Cuusoo. It is like Kickstarter for LEGOs. If you can get 10,000 people to support a project, then Lego will consider producing it as an official product.

This build is truly majestic, a masterwork of style and engineering.

Besides just looking spectacular, this vessel has a lot of playability features. Probably the most critical is the handle for safe transit, hanging, and low speed swooshing (video here).

Image via

For minifig placement, the entire side wall hinges up to allow unfettered access to the cabin

Image via

The cabin door swivels down to become a boarding ramp and a retractable anchor is mounted for docking or high altitude antics.

And just to top it all off, the ailerons fins are adjustable.

Now lets take a look under the skin!

Image via

As you can see, this is not a build for the squeamish. The "balloon" is a complex network of flexible rods and axles which keep the build light and cost effective.

There is a wide assortment of rendering and photos available on the Airship's Flickr page for those who want to see more details on the sub-structure.

Otherwise, go vote!

LEGO® CUUSOO | Majestic Airship!

LEGO® CUUSOO | Majestic Airship! Vote for the Magestic Airship here! It's an extraordinary idea for a LEGO set, easily modifiable design, and a mighty addition to any LEGO city!

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Sweet heavenly Jesus, I'm going to immediately go and vote for that.

I voted for and bought the LEGO Minecraft set, and was kind of disappointed by it. I wrote a review for it awhile ago, but I hope that other Cuusoo creations end up being more fun!

Man, I just spent about two hours on Cuusoo thanks to this post. On the upside, I just voted for a ton of amazing new projects!

Thanks Austin! There are always a lot of interesting, and surprising projects to find on Cuusoo.


Cool. It looks like a cross between Lego and KNex :)

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