News: Steampunk Fashion - Timetravelers and Warriors

Steampunk Fashion - Timetravelers and Warriors

There are many opportunities to make Steampunk clothing. Clothing can be elegant and relate to the aristocrats of the 19th century. But Steampunk also can be rough and dirty, inspired by the adventurer from stories like 2000 miles under the sea or even movies like "Mad Max" or Wild "Wild West".. There are no rules how Steampunk has to look...

So be creative!

This time traveler outfit consists of a leather pants with textured surface, a leather uppers made ??of thin, very soft and old split leather, lined with fabric and arm pads. On the upper part still sits a piece of thick, sturdy leather. All parts have wear and patina. The material is sometimes very old.

Combined with a time machine on the chest, a back pack, heavy leather boots with copper fittings, a bracer and a half-page face mask ...

Material: Genuine leather, copper, metal, cotton, brass

Model: Steampunker, Photos: Thomas Saur

very detailed, time consuming and completely handcraftet....

A other Steampunk Outfit is made of metal and old leather. The complete armor with the back carrier, boots and helmet weighs approximately 80 pounds.

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Oh my god I really dont have any words to speak... Those outfits are my dream come true. If I'd have to say one game that those outfits looks like it would definetly be fallout.

How much making those outfits consume time? Like making those outfits must take weeks or even maybe months to make just wow.

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