Steampunk R&D Podcast 05: Roundtable Discussion with the Emperor

Roundtable Discussion with the Emperor

The Emperor of the Red Fork Empire, aka Justin Stanley, joins us again on Steampunk R&D. This time the subject matter is a little more meandering than last time when I interviewed him about his background as an artist, maker, and performer. If you want, you can check out that podcast first before listening to the latest one below.

In this podcast, we talk about current events in the Steampunk world, such as TeslaCon 3 & 4, defining Steampunk, Lantern City, the TSA, and more. We may or may not go off on tangents about Star Wars, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, and who knows what else.

We had a great time recording it, so I hope that you enjoy listening!

As always, this podcast is also available as a downloadable mp3 or found directly on iTunes, as well as from our podcast RSS feed.

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