News: Where Are We Now?

Where Are We Now?

So this thread has been really empty lately. I know that most of you have jobs and lives outside of the internet, but I don't! I miss reading and seeing all about the stuff that you guys used to post. Please start posting again everyone! I miss reading your great articles and your opinions on things!

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good point i miss every 1 too

I'm a scientist and author who has just appeared with my new release "Entangled" on Coffee-time Romance's steampunk blog. I've been recently asked of my interest in moderating a steampunk panel at a convention in order to answer the question, "Does Steampunk have a future?"

I love the creativity in the steampunk community and I was surprised at the question. I write sci-fi historicals where my characters go back into an age of past scientific history. In my new release "Entangled," it's 1717 Scotland, the time of light, lenses, and telescopes. In my work-in-progress, it's 1824, the grand opening of The Franklin Institute. Like all steampunkers, I'm fascinated by what could have been in each era of scientific history and what might have happened if the timelines were different from the way we think of them today.

I do believe if mainstreamers support us nonmainstreamers, the newly diversified world of steampunk will go on forever.

Long Live The Q

S.B.K. Burns

Books now released from Amazon Books:

Entangled S.B.K. Burns
Getting Them Up S.B.K. Burns

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