News: Transmitting Power... Tesla Style

Transmitting Power... Tesla Style

Matthew Inman, who runs the popular web comic The Oatmeal, decided to test his new hand-held "Tesla Cannon" (which is essentially a small-scale Tesla coil) on one of his friends. His friend, Matt Harding, held a giant light bulb and allowed himself to be shot with the Tesla Cannon.

Entertainment ensues.

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You need to be laughing Maniacally and yelling "Dance Puppet! Dance!" Or maybe a handle on the light to make it look like a cane and a Straw Boater hat. (Looney tunes music optional)

I'm in favor of the cane and boater, personally. I'm not entirely sure why he felt the need to run in place, but then again, I'm also not entirely sure why he felt that he needed to be shot with electricity!

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