News: "Steamdrunks" Cocktail Book for Steampunks Now for Free!

"Steamdrunks" Cocktail Book for Steampunks Now for Free!

I just saw that the book Steamdrunks, containing 101 steampunk cocktails and mixed drinks, is on sale for... free! Provided that you have a Kindle.

If you do, you can visit the Amazon page and download the book for free. Why not give your mixed beverages a little more steampunk? As opposed to giving your steampunk a little more mixed beverages. Hell, do both!

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It was only yesterday? Because I don't see it for free

You're right, I don't see it for free, either. Philip, was it just a one-day sale?

I just saw on several sites, and it looks like it was free for a few months, it seems like just today it went to regular price... I read the preview and it is really worth its price, if it doesn't goes back to 0.00 in the upcoming weeks I'll definitely get it.

I didn't know the sale was about to end, it didn't say that on the site. :(

It still looks like a great book, though! You've got to love that name.

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