News: Rocketeer Reboot in the Works

Rocketeer Reboot in the Works

I just saw that the Rocketeer is being rebooted. It's visually one of my favorite movies and it really doesn't need to be rebooted. It's a great steampunk movie, but still not as good as the comics.

The full article is here if you want to see. It's not very far along yet but I'm sure it will be bad.

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Hey, welcome aboard. I loved The Rocketeer, though it didn't hold up to the test of time very well. It's pretty cheesy, but it sure was pretty.

The Rocketeer isn't actually Steampunk, it's actually something known as Dieselpunk, which is basically the same thing as Steampunk except that it takes place between the years of 1910 and 1946 or so. For the record, Dieselpunk is totally welcome in this community as well, because Dieselpunk is awesome.

Maybe make a post introducing yourself?

Okay sorry. I know what dieselpunk is, but I always just lump it together with steampunk. Is that wrong?

I found this site from facebook and I thought it looked cool. I don't make anything but I find cool things on the internet... Is it alright if I post them here?

No worries! Like I said, Dieselpunk is totally welcome here. Dieselpunk and Steampunk aren't the same thing, but they absolutely complement each other.

And yes, please post away! Maybe we can convince you to try making a few things! ;)

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