Meet the Steam Ant: A Steampunk-Inspired Hexapod Robot That's Actually Powered by Steam!

A Steampunk-Inspired Hexapod Robot That's Actually Powered by Steam!

So you've made a somersaulting robot, one that delivers your beer, and even a robot you can ride, but you want to try out something really different. Why not add a steam engine?

Inspired by the Steam Walker by Crabfu Steamworks, Professeur Shadoko of French DIY blog Brico Bidules built this awesome steampunk Steam Ant that's powered by a steam engine, complete with smoke stack!

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The engine is a steam boiler that uses a small, dual-acting cylinder. It's heated with Esbit hexamine fuel tablets, which don't produce any smoke or ashes. The legs are made of brass tubes, which are attached to gears, with extruded aluminum feet.

You can see the Steam Ant in action in the video below. It doesn't move fast, but it's incredibly smooth—and pretty stylish, too.

If you prefer something that can move a little faster, check out the A-Pod Robot that moves like a real ant. Want to make your own hexapod? You can build a cheap one out of PVC, or a tiny army of Popsicle-stick Arduino hexapods.

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Wow, what a cool build! It's a good idea that he used a pre-made steam engine, because trying to make your own steam engine at home can be incredibly dangerous, which is what stops more Steampunks from using actual steam in their props.

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