News: Little Clank to Make You Smile on a Monday

Little Clank to Make You Smile on a Monday

Thought I would share a pic of a little "clank" I made a few weeks ago. This one was inspired by the Girl Genius online comic. Repurposed out of a sugar bowl I found at Savers.

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LOL, cute! Man, I should make me one of those, it's adorable!

Thanks, the trickiest part was the housing for the eye since I was bound and determined to use solder to put it all together. Every time it didn't quite work a little voice in my head would say "You know you could just use super-glue."

Oh, wow, I can only imagine how difficult that was. Why use solder? I can't imagine that it will hold especially better than, say, epoxy.

I have not used epoxy much, although I should really experiment with it. Since I do a lot of my work in my basement and it's winter (in Wisconsin) I was a bit concerned about fumes. Do you have any suggestions for low fume epoxies?

Hrm, not really. Though I should say that if you're only using a small amount of epoxy, the fumes aren't really too big a deal. Additionally, epoxy dries pretty quickly, and, once dry, it doesn't emit much in the way of fumes anymore.

You can experiment with just a tiny bit, and see what you think.

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