How To: Use Gears, Propellers, Wheels, and Watch Parts in Steampunk Jewelry

Use Gears, Propellers, Wheels, and Watch Parts in Steampunk Jewelry

If you've never heard of Steampunk before, then you're about to be educated. Steampunk is a relatively new hybrid style (and subgenre) of old anachronisms and technology. So, for instance, a steampunk computer is one that's done in an industrial, victorian manner with brass parts.

Check out this jewelry crafting video to learn how to use parts like gears and propellers in Steampunk jewelry making.

Come and play in the Messy Workshop with B'sue as she discusses the use of gears, propellers, wheels, watch parts, buckles and American made brass stampings to make cool whirly-twirly Steampunk charms and pendants that MOVE. Also discussed are easy riveting techniques and unexpected elements that you can use to make Steampunk Style pieces.

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I personally found this video very informative and interesting. You see, I have had an idea of trash- I mean... Treasure collecting, thrift, trade skills, and DIY type of things clashing together. Problem with it: It was messy, and very... Poor natured in the eyes of most beholders. I am not saying I am great at these skills, but I know a thing or two. The reason why I like this so very much is the fact that these steampunk styles may hold the key to spreading the style, good nature, care, and affordability of recycling and making things work on a budget. Expect my future contributions. -Vincent-

Hi, LOVE the ideas. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I'm brand new to all the steampunk world. You mention website over and over which is great however you dont say the name of the webiste lol. It would be great if there was a link in the write up for the video. You are good to have all the humor and fun . Glad to see the E6000 always been my fav for crafting. Keep up the great work . thanks katt

Nice video I must say, very helpful to know more about steampunk world.

Wow, i love how crafty you can get when you put your mind to it.. So cool... XD

Nicely written, but Steampunk has been around since 1987, when a new genre of writers needed a new term to describe their style. Also Thomas Dolby held the very first Steampunk music festival about the same time.

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