News: 6 Mind-Blowing Ways to Wear Your Steampunk Goggles

6 Mind-Blowing Ways to Wear Your Steampunk Goggles

This list may not blow your mind as much as it may make you want to blow your brains out, depending on how tired you are of goggles in Steampunk.

Steampunk has a love/hate relationship with goggles. It's generally agreed within the community that goggles aren't at all necessary for Steampunk outfits, but they're frequently used as a shorthand for making someone look "adventure-y", so they get added to all sorts of costumes.

If you're going to wear goggles, you can at least take a look at all the different ways you can wear a pair of them!

Without further ado, I present the top 6 ways to wear a pair of goggles!

1. Over Your Eyes

This is one of the worst ways to wear your goggles. Everyone knows that real Steampunks don't wear goggles over their eyes, for fear of implying that the goggles are actually useful, and not just a fashion accessory.

Still, it happens sometimes. Usually for photographs, as many Steampunk goggles would give you a massive headache if you tried to look through them for extended periods.

2. On Your Head

This is probably the most common way to wear your goggles. It's the least offensive-looking, and some people consider it cruise-control for cool. It's not very inspired, but, well, we can't all be super creative all the time.

Plus, I'm not gonna lie, goggles just look pretty darn good on people's heads.

3. On Your Hat

I can only imagine the crisis that arose when someone wanted to wear both goggles and a hat on their head at the same time. "Oh no! What shall I do?!"

I can then imagine the look of sublime joy that must have crossed their face when they realized that they could kill two birds with one stone by putting their goggles on their hat. I'm sure it was a transcendent moment.

In the above picture, cosplayer Danny Ashby is, I think, trying to wear as many pairs of glasses at the same time as possible. Also, look at that smug little smile that comes from knowing that he's wearing goggles on his hat. You'd smile like that, too, if you pulled that off.

4. Around Your Neck

This is the super casual, "I can't be bothered" way to wear your goggles. This method is primarily for hipsters and other people who want to look deliberately accidentally casual.

Wearing your goggles around your neck says that you were in the middle of using your goggles, and you just took them off but couldn't be bothered to put them on your head. Probably because you're too cool to wear your goggles on your head.

5. On Your Pet

Why wear goggles at all, when you can force your pet to wear them for you? That way they can bear the shame of having to wear a cliched accessory while you get off scot-free, with the added benefit of being able to have a laugh at your pet's expense.

You can even give them a ratty pair, such as pictured below, because your pet probably can't appreciate the finer things in life.

That dog looks happy enough, but then again, so do the dogs at Dog Shaming.

6. Nowhere

This is my favorite way to wear your goggles: nowhere. Just leave 'em at home!

Goggles aren't necessary for Steampunk, and given how cliche they've become, maybe you should leave them alone for awhile until they become cool again.

Below, Sarah Hunter shows just how sexy a goggle-less person can be:

While we may not all be able to afford corsets and arms from Brute Force Leather (or be willing to sleep with Thomas Willeford, in this case), you don't need crazy Steampunk appendages in order to forgo your goggles.

Be creative, and think outside of the box!

Images from DracoDarkblade, Fanpop, Fire Nekoyasha, Steampunk For Kids, Gamma Squad, and Indulgy.

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Look, I dig thomas and all that, but, nope. Ain't gonna go there. I have peril-senso-matic googles, so I do wear them on my eyes. me Lets know when I'm getting in trouble....

Ahahaha, yeah, I can't fault you there. He looks like a woman from behind, though! =D

Well done as always. I have mine on me for actual protection purposes, as i tend to blow things up and crash through walls, so it's a pure functional standpoint for the personal. I do prefer the function vs fashion adornment of the goggles.

Thanks, Timothy.

When wearing them for pure functionality, do you wear them on your forehead while not using them, or around your neck? Or do you just take them off when they aren't in use?

I keep them on my leather topper. It's nice to have them on hand just in case. The ole rather have them and not need them then need them and not have them mentality.

Hmmph. Thomas does not look like a girl from behind. At least not a woman that is not a germanic fishwife.

Are you calling Thomas a Germanic fishwife?

Because I could get behind that.

Thank you all for this information; I'm just beginning to design my steampunk attire

I'm actually thinking about creating a couple of different pairs of goggles. One for actual use with my profession and another just for character purposes. I found this article while searching the web for "how-to" instructions. So many out there, so many designs to "choose" from. ^^

I have several pairs i use for decorative purposes - however, when I was required to wear safety goggles at work, I went and bought a functional pair with replaceable lenses, so I could wear them at work AND as decoration!

Good post, I like that different styles of goggles were used as examples. I live in a small town and I thought I was the only one that had discovered Steampunk until I saw someone selling their goggles on our FB online sale. I asked and she said she was giving it up because of her babies. Oh, well.

Nice post and all the styles of wearing steampunk goggles were great. Will surely implement it in upcoming event.

I resonantly began making my outfit and thought i would be a welder. so I found a pare of functional goggles. should I not incorporate them? I'm also using some old welders jackets.

I just bought a pair of steampunk goggles from china, you know the ones...metallic look but plastic, with glass lenses in shaded & clear, with an elastic back.

Now my conudrum is this; where do I wear them? Over my modern hot pink necessary glasses, on my tiny tophat or around my neck? Or do I just keep them in my leather case, so that when I open it, they look cool & everyone can see I have them?

Very difficult decisions these, I think I'll go back to designing my outfit/s

I think it really depends on your character/persona. Don't just have goggles if they have nothing to do with you (ie: Aristocrat, Circus performer or dancer) but if they are appropriate for the look/character/persona you are trying convey (Pilot, welder, engineer, etc.)

My character is an inventor of jetpacks/Personal Flying Devices so simple goggles are functional protection while in the air and are thus not out of place in my outfit (though I just wear them on my forehead when at conventions) Though they are a cheap non-functional $4 plastic pair, they still work for what I need them for

Pshh any1 getting headaches from wearing their goggles on their eyes is doing I wrong or not enough. Back wen I first made mine from sum braising goggles I got headaches from the green lenses. Simple soulution, jus keep wearing them wenever I'm outside. In fact I always wear my goggles. Wen they rnt on my eyes they r almost always on my neck. Only off 4 sleeping bathing or wen safety dict8s

I think I've saw this style on movie right? By the way do you know cheap gothic and alternative online shop aside from , , and I really like those kind of gothic accessories but sometimes I can't afford. Thanks!

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